Monday, October 27, 2014

The Hulk

This is one of my sculptures. I used super sculpy and magic sculpt in the proccess. As this one is among the first I'm pretty satisfied. Some photos...

Finalised figure

In proccess

It still needs alot of details and small improvements.

This was firs part I did. Started with wire and aluminium foil and super sculpy over it. I dont bake super sculpy but put it in boiling water - it gets har and no possibility to over cook it (just place the figure in a pot and pure over with boiling water and let leave it for 5 min). Gray detail are done with magic sulpt (epoxy clay) which takes arond 10 hours to get completly hard. Personally love this combination for sculpting.

Here are some details to the chest.

And finally it is at around 90%.... only have to make some detals and fix cracks.