Monday, October 28, 2013

K-141 Kursk nuclear submarine

K-141 Kursk is Russian Oscar II class nuclear submarine, sunk on 12th of August 2000. Model manufacturer is Zvezda in 1:350 scale. Model is easy to assemble but alot of effort to make it fit. I made this model mid 2011. Take a look at the photos.

Russian Mil Mi-24V Hind E (1:35)

This one is about 3 years old (made it in 2010). It is fantastic Trumpeter model in 1:35 scale (think it is only 1:35 scale for such huge helicopters). It was pleasant to build and paint this model as everything is large and ease to distinct. Model on it's own comes with PE set so you have all the extra details you need.   

Couple of cockpit photos..

Showing exhaust..

This is the main gun.

And few photos of finished model


Hope you like it ;)))

L.O.T.R. Princ Imarhil of Dol Amroth

It is 28mm metal figure. Painted with Vallejo acrylics.

L.O.T.R. Gandalf the grey on the bridge of Khazad Dom

It seamed as a great idea to make Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad Dum just before falling into shadow. Painted with vallejo acrylics.

L.O.T.R. Elf Haldir

Metal figure in 28mm scale. Painted using Vallejo acrylics. I additionally made string and arrow to make the figure looks more realistic.

General Jean Lannes

Jean Lannes was Napoleon's general. It is metal figure 54 mm. Painted with Vallejo acrylics.

The duel...

These are citadel finecast resin figures in 28 mm scale. Painted with Vallejo acrylics and clear resin is used for water effect.


Few more photos..


Mig 21 BIS - HRZ#108

This is a model of Croatian airforce plane which crashed during military exercise. Diorama represents the plane just before the take off. Scale is 1:48, it is Academy model converted from MF version to BIS which is used by Croatian airforce.

 Update @ 8th of November 2015

The model was damaged and had to rebuild the nose. After some repairs it finally looks like this photo below. I also removed the pilot as it was not very good figure.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Warg rider scouts

Here are some warg riders. Games workshop set from the movie "The Hobbit - Unexpected journey". I assembled and painted only 3 figures for now so still three of them coming :)

Warg rider scout #1

Warg rider scout #2

Warg rider scout #3

Warg rider scout #4
This is my latest warg rider scout. This one has sculpted tongue to make it a bit different from all others :)

Two more to go...

Escape from Goblin town

When I purchased this rather expensive set I decided to finish it before second part of the move "The Hobbit" is released. First step was to take all the figures of the sprues and to clean each one of showing joints. This was not so ease as there is 56 figures ;))))

Next step is priming the figures. When figures were glued to the base (I also glued some small stones to represent ground surface of the goblin caves) I prime painted all the figures. I use AK interactive primers black and gray. Recently I've purchased those and I like it very much as it is very hard to take off or damage the prime paint. I put two layers of primer, first black primer and only slight over spray with gray primer which is making most exposed parts of the figure a bit lighter the the rest (I find it easier to paint such way when shadows are sown).

I'm almost completely finished with Goblin King only few small details to make better.


L.O.T.R. Armoured troll of Isengard

I made this troll recently and to be classic Isengard troll with sword and Isengard helmet. Base is wood and cork painted as cracked stone plates. All paint job was done with Vallejo acrylics.
Several photos...