Monday, November 18, 2013

L.O.T.R. No dawn for men

This is my latest work. Inspiration for the figures was scene from the movie "the two towers". Bases are handmade and painted. Take a look...

L.O.T.R. Forces of Gondor

Flag bearer of Gondor is a metal figure 28 mm size.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Transporting the big cat (1:72 scale)

It took me almost six months to finish this project. It was finished in January 2013. It is 1:72 scale diorama showing US sodiers taking captive German Jagedtiger no. 331. The vehicle was captured near "Neustadt an der Weinstraße"  in spring of 1945, it was a real challange to reconstruct the event :)
Dragon wagon and Willis models are produced by Academy and Jagedtiger is produced by Trumpeter all in 72 scale. House is my scratch build, trying to make it look as on the picture. I also added some resin figures to make it a bit more alive. Look at my gallery...




Here is the original picture taken in 1945 so you can check how it really looked. On this picture Jagedtiger looks as in one colour and that is not true. On the second picture you can check the painting scheme.

After capturing and transporting by truck, vehicle was loaded to the train. Her is painting scheme clearly visible. It was classic late ambush scheme.

Today this vehicle is preserved in museum of Aberdeen USA. 

L.O.T.R. Battle troll veteran

This one is a bit special as it takes a lot of spare plates to make such unique armour. I resculpted his head and mouth. Also I used some chains to connect armour plates to make it look better. It should show some kind of veteran battle troll. His armour is made of armour plates of his fellows who died in battle. This is about it.. few photos.

Monday, October 28, 2013

K-141 Kursk nuclear submarine

K-141 Kursk is Russian Oscar II class nuclear submarine, sunk on 12th of August 2000. Model manufacturer is Zvezda in 1:350 scale. Model is easy to assemble but alot of effort to make it fit. I made this model mid 2011. Take a look at the photos.

Russian Mil Mi-24V Hind E (1:35)

This one is about 3 years old (made it in 2010). It is fantastic Trumpeter model in 1:35 scale (think it is only 1:35 scale for such huge helicopters). It was pleasant to build and paint this model as everything is large and ease to distinct. Model on it's own comes with PE set so you have all the extra details you need.   

Couple of cockpit photos..

Showing exhaust..

This is the main gun.

And few photos of finished model


Hope you like it ;)))

L.O.T.R. Princ Imarhil of Dol Amroth

It is 28mm metal figure. Painted with Vallejo acrylics.

L.O.T.R. Gandalf the grey on the bridge of Khazad Dom

It seamed as a great idea to make Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad Dum just before falling into shadow. Painted with vallejo acrylics.

L.O.T.R. Elf Haldir

Metal figure in 28mm scale. Painted using Vallejo acrylics. I additionally made string and arrow to make the figure looks more realistic.

General Jean Lannes

Jean Lannes was Napoleon's general. It is metal figure 54 mm. Painted with Vallejo acrylics.