Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dark Angels primaris Hellblasters (fkova100)

 Hi, as GW released new Dark Angels Primaris I decided to make some my self :) Personally I love the plasma guns and the glow effect and wanted to do some new chapter that I did not try before. I also used some of the upgrade pack heads and bits.
Hope you like it.


Friday, December 22, 2017

Blood Ravens army, just starting my army (fkova100)

I started doing the whole army of Primaris Blood Ravens. Using alclad colours to create candy effect of orange red. Hope you like it :) Right now I'm not sure how much of them I will make but hopfully few more will be done soon.

All the miniatures have theme custom base. 

This figure is converted with plasma gun and different shoulder pads. I also used extra details for the jetpack. Love the green plasma glow it goes nicly wiht the red armour.

PRIMARIS Lieutenant with sword and pistol

PRIMARIS Lieutenant with bolt rifle and pistol
This figure has some different parts installed than original GW figure.

PRIMARIS Veteran Sergeant

This figure is easy to assable but a lot of  work to get the flag with so many details and incriptions. Hopfully the end effect if worth the effort.


PRIMARIS Intercessors Sergant with bolt rifle

Work in progress

Some progress

Added few empty shells on the ground.

For now I made several Blood Ravens and toghether they look like this :)

Chaplain is almost finished :)