Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shell pool

New project which inclueds whater :) this is a test for some new projects.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Starship Trooper

Now the base is almost finished. I will only do a bit more on the weathering and its finished.

This is a little project just for fun. Paint scheme is urban camo but with triangle pattern. I gave it a bit rusty and spent look. Figure is still not finished will work on it a bit more. Few pics..

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Aleppo Syria 2016 - diorama 1:72 scale

After some time I continued working on diorama. Here is the progress and there is still alot of details to be included and small modifications. Few more figures will be added.

Progress :)
Finally I started to work on the terrain. I plan to make one part of the collapsed building and clearing next to the building. I still need to make a lot of details like electricity cables and columns, tiers on the road, ruins on the side of the building etc.


Second and third T-72's  - base paints applied
I did primer and primary colors (which is sand and Russian greed for the gun), two models will have green guns and rest of the vehicle will be sand (this is because vehicles were painted from green to sand) second vehicle is completely sand (this is the newest one). I paint the vehicles in separate segments which proved to be convenient for detailing and weathering it is very easy to assemble later on and save my self a lot of trouble when applying tracks.

Third T-72
This one will represent old vehicle as well as the fist model. It is used and has taken a lot of damage. Most of protective plates are missing and its reactive armor is mostly spent.  A lot of sand bags and improvised protection is shown as on real pictures from the battlefield.

Second T-72
Pictures of second T-72 before painting. This model will not be so damaged, almost new on battlefield with most of its reactive armor attached. It will also have machine gun and almost no damages taken.

First T-72
I will build diorama of Syrian amour in street action. Idea is to make 3 of the same kind T-72's and BMP-3 (not sure if it will fit the diorama as it will require a lot of space to fit it). This model is showing used T-72 that saw a lot of action. Reactive armor is missing on its frontal turret and it has armature wire and sand bags to replace it. Next two are coming soon.....