Sunday, October 4, 2015

Challanger 2 - Battle for Basra Iraq 2003. (scale 1:72)

Latest update.. base is almost done. Pigments and its finished.


For this model I made my own decals as there is no such decals on the market for this scale.

Picture of the actual Challenger 2, exact tank that I tried to make in my 1:72 scale.
Picture found on this link..,_Iraq_MOD_45148325.jpg

 Primary paints  and first wash applied

This one is going to be a small diorama of Challenger 2, British main battle tank, in the battle for Basra Iraq 2003. The scale is 1:72 Dragon model. In this stage I'm assembling the tank so I can have three main parts: hull, turret and lower plate with tracks. This way it will be more easy to paint the model and later glue it without visible spots.

A little progress...