Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Connan the barbarian

This is my lates sculpting work. I used magic sculpt and super sculpy firm in the proccess.

It is 20 cm high (aproximate scale is 1:10). I found one picture on the web and decided to make my figure as similar as possible to the picture. I took me close to one month to completly finish this project. I was planning to produce copies of my barbarian, but in the end I decided it should stay unique J
Figure was primed and painted by Vallejo acrylics paints. Hope you like it!

Here are some picture of finalized figure.

Almost finished just few final tuches missing here.

I sculpted the figure based on this picture from "Connan the Barbarian"  movie.

Few before painting (only whith primer coat).

Monday, September 8, 2014

L.O.T.R. Borders of Rivendell

It has been a while... but I have some of my latest works for you. This diorama has three black riders (metal figures GW) and Arowen with Frodo (also a metal figure). Diorama, water and terrain was scratched! It was challenging to prepare river and nature in fall but I am pretty pleased with final outcome. Few pictures but note that this is still not finished only few more details to do.... mostly have to finish the frame.