Monday, November 9, 2015

Crusader 54 mm

Metal figure purchased recently. Painted with Vallejo Aryls, almost done.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Challanger 2 - Battle for Basra Iraq 2003. (scale 1:72)

Latest update.. base is almost done. Pigments and its finished.


For this model I made my own decals as there is no such decals on the market for this scale.

Picture of the actual Challenger 2, exact tank that I tried to make in my 1:72 scale.
Picture found on this link..,_Iraq_MOD_45148325.jpg

 Primary paints  and first wash applied

This one is going to be a small diorama of Challenger 2, British main battle tank, in the battle for Basra Iraq 2003. The scale is 1:72 Dragon model. In this stage I'm assembling the tank so I can have three main parts: hull, turret and lower plate with tracks. This way it will be more easy to paint the model and later glue it without visible spots.

A little progress...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

L.O.T.R. War Mumak of Harad

War Mumak of Harad by Games Workshop. There is a lot of work to make this model fit. I wanted to make my Mumak the same as in the movie "Return of the King" L.O.T.R. part III when Sauron's army attacked Gondor. 

Some of the old photos in progress...

Older photos....

Thursday, January 8, 2015

F-4 B Phantom - Sundowners #201 (scale 1:48)

Before starting to work on airplane I will prepare the base/aircraft deck (USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier flight deck). I investigated on internet about Vietnam war and USS Coral Sea and found several photos that show how it should look like. As the finished model will have plexy cover base is from forex foam (alot like plastic). Few deck photos... mind that deck will get more whedering.

This photo is showing USS Midway also one of the aircraft carriers used in Vietnam war. This picture was main reference for my flight deck. You can see how filthy deck was :)))) so alot of whetering is needed.

To be continued....

I found out that my deck is not in scale. Had to do it again. Her is a new deck photo.