Saturday, January 20, 2018

Blood Ravens army (by fkova100)

Hi there! About two weeks ago I started to build my Blood Ravens army. The whole army will consist mainly of all 8th edition PRIMARIS space marines and one terminator close combat squad. At the moment I did like 10 main characters and will now move to building squads. The main idea for this army is that I really don't like to see the army with nicly painted only few main characters but want to see the whole army painted to top level all the miniatures a like! So, I decided to build it and hope you will like it! Please comment, follow and remember I do commission work so you can contact me via email if you like my work or check my ebay listings.

Now it is only Repulsor to go...

Blood Ravens Reivers squad - swords and bolt pistols

Blood Ravens Reivers squad - bolt rifles

Blood Ravens Hellblasters squad - Assault plasma incinerators

 Blood Ravens Hellblasters squad - Heavy plasma incinerators

Blood Ravens Hellblasters Sergeant

 Blood Ravens Intercessors with auto bolt rifles

Blood Ravens Intercessors with bolt rifles

 Blood Ravens Intercessors with stalker pattern bolt rifles

All 14 figures of Blood Ravens intercessors toghether.

Blood Ravens - Inceptors squad

Assault squad of Inceptors have asteroid base with barbed wire. Figures from Dark Imperium box.

Blood Ravens Aggressors squad

Blood Ravens Lieutenant with chain sword and jump pack
This guy was completly scratch built. Right arm was half done in magis sculpt and the gun is from Primaris Chaplain (in my opinion coolest gun in Primaris arsenal), sword is from Blood Angels upgrade pack and jump pack was custom built from pipes/tubes, plastic boards etc.


Blood Ravens Terminator Assault squad 
Terminators assault squad, also painted in candy red/orange with veteran white helmets and golden hammers. These are a bit older (7th edition) GW figures but love all kind of terminators so hope you like it two! :)

Blood Ravens Gabriel Angelos the chapter master
As you can see I decided not to go with the Forge World figure as I don't like its size comparing to the new PRIMARIS space marines. This one is a lot better in my opinion and like the movement pose better than FW mini.

On this picture you can take a look at how this chapter master looks great comparing to PRIMARIS Captain just a bit bigger than let us say other marines.

Blood Ravens PRIMARIS Redemptor Drednaught

Blood Ravens PRIMARIS Librarian

Blood Ravens PRIMARIS Chaplain in terminator armor (limited edition miniature)

 Blood Ravens PRIMARIS Apothecary

Primaris Lieutenant with chain swor and jump pack

This miniature was scratch built. Legs and thorso are from Dark Imperium Lieutenant A, right hand with the gun is from Primaris Chaplain, left with chain sword is from Blood Angels upgrade pack. Jump pack is on the other hand completly scrached built from regular primaris backpack and some tubes and green stuff.

These are some of the guys already done and shown in the previous thread....
you can check it on the link below

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