Monday, April 23, 2018

Imperial Knight detachment

Finished! Super Heavy Detachment Imperial Knights



Imperial Knight Warden
I continue working on the Imperial Knight so I can finish my Heavy detachment of House Raven. Few photos of the proggress....

Few pictures now... almost done! All models are completly magnetized so you can use all weapon options Armigers and Imperial Knight.

These are some of the pictures during the building.

Armiger Knight "No.81" House Raven
Another armiger Knight is done. Also magnetized like the one before... now I'm building and Warden.



Armiger Knight "No.28" House Raven
This guy is finished. Now starting the second one nad Imperial Knight Warden :)

While we wait for the new imperial knights codex, I'm preparing the new Imperial Knight detachment including one Imperial Knight Warden with all weapon options magnetized and two Armiger knights also magnetized because it is expected that Armigers will get some new weapons.
My Imperial Knight detachment will be of house Raven and I started with my two Armigers...

A little progress... just detailing one of the armigers :)

The firs Armiger Knight is almost done. Now only to finish the base and some small details.

Only decals and some small things to do...

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